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2023 Global Electronic Cigarette Market Industry Development Trends

Export of Chinese e-cigarettes has explosive growth under strengthened administration.Export of Chinese e-cigarettes has explosive growth under strengthened administration. Among global markets of e-cigarettes, which are thriving and which are promising?


Shenzhen is the world’s leading producer and exporter of e-cigarettes.rding to Shenzhen Customs, Euro-America is the major destination of e-cigarettes’ export. Despite a decline, the USA maintains the largest market with a proportion of 32.3 %.Meanwhile, exports to the EU, the UK and Russia increased by 1.9 times, 1.9 times and 2.7 times respectively, with a total proportion of 40.9 %. There is a rapid growth in European market, especially the UK, Germany, France and Italy. The UK excises zero consumption tax on e-cigarette and relatively loose restriction on taste.

In recent years, many Middle Eastern countries have started the legalization and commercialization of e-cigarettes, such as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt.It’s worldly known that Arabs smoke hookahs. Six million Saudi Arabs smoke according to official statistics. This number keeps growing and may account for a third of the country’s future population. According to WHO, in the UAE, which has a population of about 10 million, 28.6 % of smokers over the age of 15 are men and 0.7 % are women.


Similarly, Egypt and the UAE are also promoting less harmful alternatives to hookahs. Middle East has great market potential for e-cigarettes with large smoking population, technology advances and growing awareness of health.Export of e-cigarettes has entered a time of compliance. Only by compliance and independent patents, bringing new experience to consumers through technological innovation, can companies keep their competitiveness.

There are also many modes of transportation for e-cigarettes in international transportation,Cross border e-cigarette logistics can be transported through various methods such as air freight, sea freig  , and land transportation. Choosing different transportation methods requires considering multiple factors such as the quantity, weight, volume, destination, and freight cost of the goods. Choosing suitable transportation methods based on different needs can greatly shorten logistics time and reduce logistics costs.Among them, vape air freight  and sea shipping are the most important modes of transportation,No matter which method is used, we will choose a double tax inclusive and door-to-door approach to ensure that the recipient receives the goods more quickly and safely.


Post time: Sep-02-2023