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UK, Europe, the United States, Indonesia, South Africa, door to door electronic smoke air/sea international logistics service in China to Europe

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Cross-border sales of electronic cigarettes, logistics is one of the necessary link, so what are the current logistics channels can choose? Electronic cigarettes contain lithium battery, belongs to the charged items, some electronic cigarette sales will also contain oil smoke, smoke bombs, electronic cigarettes still belong to the liquid items at the same time. This requires logistics channels have strong capacity, not only can undertake charged items, but also can undertake liquid stuff.At present can be transport channels: HKUPS express, American special line of electronic cigarettes, Indonesia special line, special line of dubai, South Africa special line, the British special line, the European special line

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Efficiency Convenience Satisfaction Excellence
Europe and other countries. Choose our company. We are professional responsible for DDP to door
Cost Effective Rates and Suitable Route: you always get the best way to ship your cargo by using quickest method with reasonable charges.

Strong Global Network: wherever your cargo is & you want to ship, "Door to Door service "from any city of China to world wide by strong global network .
Professional Freight Service: you have professional team with over 12 years experience at shipping -- You hand over and we keep follow !
We will provide you with thoughtful and professional services:
1. The system tracks your cargo track information with one click and updates it in real time;
2. Keep you informed of the latest status of all goods;
3. Ensure the safety of your goods;
4. Provide the best and most cost-effective way for your transportation;
5. Save time and cost and help business development;
6. Accept your suggestions and serve you in the way you expect.

Main channel advantage

Air transport EK/SQ/AC/OZ/AY/QR/CV/LO/TK/ET/PR/EY/JL charters the airplane package board all the year round, fixes the board space, has sufficient space, and ensures the timeliness. It has strong overseas customs clearance strength, rich and stable customs clearance experience for many years, and efficient and fast overseas distribution. The international express UPS/FEDEX/DHL long-term strategic cooperation is the first level agent, which can quickly deliver to the global market at any time. We will make every effort to help the brands of electronic cigarette enterprises go to sea quickly and seize more international markets. The combination of high-end, safe, stable and diversified transportation product lines can meet customers' business needs in an all-round and personalized way.

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Competitive advantage

1.Direct to the airport——Shenzhen, guangzhou, nanchang, South Korea, macau, wuhan, changsha, zhengzhou... Etc.
2.Back end customs clearance--Los Angeles Customs Clearance
European Czech/Luxembourg customs clearance
Customs clearance in London, UK
Customs clearance in Johannesburg, South Africa
Indonesia Jakarta customs clearance... etc
3.Self operated overseas warehouse-----East America, West America, South Korea, Macao, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Dubai and Jakarta are all self operated/joint venture transit overseas warehouses to ensure cargo transshipment, operation and bill of lading timeliness
4.Powerful end distribution-----European self operated fleet
1.Stability of trunk line=====Own chartered aircraft
Stable position output of trunk line to ensure stable operation
A large number of fixed warehouses with self owned pallets for air transportation
No matter in low or peak seasons, fast warehouse is preferred for marine transportation
2.Risk control=====Real time dynamic
Pay attention to the customs policy in a timely manner, and adjust the receiving strategy in a timely manner to minimize the uncontrollable loss caused by the policy change.
Compliance clearance, reduce the probability of inspection.
3.Professional safety======Professional service team
Follow up all abnormalities occurred in transportation at the first time, and timely transmit first-hand information. The overseas self operated terminal channel ensures the professionalism and safety of picking up, customs clearance, container removal and transshipment
4.Efficient and safe======Self operated overseas warehouse
The warehousing service team of 60 people operates efficiently to ensure the efficiency and security of goods in and out circulation, and insists on putting the safety and stability of customers' goods transportation first.
5.Continuous deep ploughing====
Focus on innovation
In the future, Dien Electronic Air Transport Department will continue to deeply explore the segment market of electronic cigarettes, increase the width of the product matrix, improve the depth of service, constantly improve its own system, actively play its professional and reputation guarantee power, focus on innovative services on special lines, grow together with customers, and continue to provide stable and efficient transport services.

Product parameter characteristics

Cargo Type General Cargo and Special Cargo
Departure Day Everyday
Type of Service Door to Door
Tracking Professional Tracking Service
Frequency Daily
Feedback 7X24 Hours Online Feedback
Supply Ability 1000 Ton/Tons Per Day
Advantage Fast Delivery
Transport Package Cartons/Wooden Cases
Specification 10 to 65 kg per piece
Trademark szexpand
Origin China
Production Capacity 1000 Ton/Tons Per Day


1.Q:What is the price of your service?
A:The exact price can be offered when the details of your goods finalized,like weight,volume,loaded city and destination city.

2.Q:How can i pay you?
A:You can pay us by bank transfer(T/T),Western Union paypal,payoneer,trade Assurance and so on.

3.Q:When shall i pay you?
A:Commonly,you need to pay us before the shipment.

4.Q:Can we pay you monthly?
A:Yes.That can be talked if your goods or shipment are quantities.

5.Q:My supplier has no right to export.Can you help me export the goods?
A:Yes,we can.We can buy the export license,do the customs
declaration and ship the goods out to you.
  Contact us NOW!Our friendly and professional team that is able to handle all your enquiries whenever you need.Whether you need to get expert advice on air and sea freighting or just information about our services,our customer service team will be ready to assist. We can handle any aspect of freighting so feel free to contact us and we'll answer all  your  questions.

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