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DDP Vape/E-Cigarettes Air Shipping From China to Europe- Canada

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Our company focuses on international export transportation  Mainly include Electronic cigarettes, large pieces, pure battery including: sea, air, railway,  truck business, delivery service throughout China; a large modern logistics enterprise

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If e-cigarettes take off from China, the products exported to Canada must be placed on the product and outer packaging and labeled (made in China),E-cigarette export to Canada, the special line double clear package tax to the door, the special line 21kg start collection, live with oil, pure cigarette oil can be sent, need to provide category, goods origin, destination, weight, size, channel requirements, goods pictures, customs code, customs declaration, delivery time, etc., before the accurate quotation.If our customers do not have the ability to clear customs, we can help customers solve, DDP to the door, customers do not have to go to the customs to submit the whole process we can operate, general goods7-10 working days after takeoff, downtown Toronto, Canada delivery time to 2-3 days,Other cities 4-7 days of delivery time, if our recipients have their own customs clearance ability can tell us in domestic delivery, we only need to prepare the goods data when delivery, customs clearance to the customer, the goods from domestic after foreign airport, will give the customer bill of lading, the customer to pick up the goods in accordance with the requirements

Product superiorityDDP to the door, perennial charter package board, fixed board, sufficient cabin, time guarantee. With a strong overseas customs clearance strength, years of rich and stable kinds of customs clearance experience, efficient and fast overseas distribution


Channel advantage

1. Douyin logistics focus by air 4 years, Europe and the United States Australia, southeast Asia for BSA fixed position, and more than 30 airlines company generation

2. Experienced operation team, professional electronic cigarette air, electronic cigarettes to provide UN38.3 transportation and related report

3. The disposable electronic cigarette charged with oil, should be provided with oil and charged to the report, UN38.3 and MSDS information

4. Can take off from guangzhou shenzhen, zhengzhou and other mainland, air e-cigarettes direct flight to Europe and the United States East, etc., in operation

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